Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Despite a lapse for the last few years, I have always purchased vanity plates. It's really a basic requirement for a shameless self promoter. I have considered donating them to a few local restaurants (can you name a few that have plate decor? I can think of 2 right off the bat) but haven't gotten around to digging them out of storage. Of course, my very first vanity plate is something I will never give away: they are signed by the lead singer of Def Leppard and celebrate my favorite band very obviously by proclaiming the name of my favorite album-- ADRNLIZ.

Of course, no one understood what this meant so strangers usually called me Adrian Liz.

I usually either tried to sum up a year or describe a value. One of my more laughable plates was W82M8. I didn't get a lot of dates that year.

There are folks around town who are ambiguously famous. What I mean by this of course is that we have all seen their vanity plates around town and we have no idea who they are. But when we see them we say,"Oh there goes the IZ guy." It certainly doesn't hurt that the IZ guy also drives flashy sports cars. His most recent is a black BMW. His most memorable was a yellow Corvette.

Then we have the people who put their name on their plates (a family member is guilty of this one), the ode-to people (country living, race car drivers, etc), and the people who want you to know they have been a mee maw 3 times.

Then we have the clever group of folk who make their plates difficult to discern. But I have never seen one I haven't guessed. It's another talent wasted.

But alas, this is Lynchburg, so you realize there is at least one Holy Vanity for every other 3 types. Some are more creative than others but you know them when you see them. They are all over the place. Whether generic (I LUV GD) or doctrinal (HECMNBK) if you're paying attention you can see at least one a day.

Tell me I'm wrong. Try it for a week, then tell me I'm wrong.

As for me, I purchased my first vanity plate in a while (due to poverty not lack of narcissism) last year. It unfortunately fits into the memorial category.

I'll be sticking with it for quite some time.


  1. I love vanity plates! :) Both my vehicle (08XBONZ) & my motorcycle (MYBONR) have them! :) Both are dedicated to the love of my life.. my 2008 Harley Davidson Crossbones! I've had tons in the past, too.. some were kinda dumb, so I'll spare you. The two I currently have are my favorites, tho! I love to try and figure out what other people's say, too :)

  2. Hey Robin saw this posted to your FB page and just had to add a few of my own..... My very first one was on my very first car, right out of high school and read TINK86. I have had other plates through the years but my two current ones (and my first one) mean the most. Today I have JAIDED which is on my 2000 HD Fatboy (that is her name and my alter ego) and a HOG plate IR1DE1 on my 2011 Terrain. I'm sure as my life changes I will have many more these. ;-)

  3. while driving in a van with our 8 kids who were all acting up, we tried to distract them by looking at vanity kid said, dad, what would your vanity plate say? his answer Help.
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.