Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Another Gluten Free Blog

Allergies are a pain. I hate avoiding anything I like including but not limited to wine during a round of antibiotics. I am allergic to green peppers, but at the most, the smell or ingesting of said pepper will give me a mild migraine.

Others have more serious allergies. There's been a lot about Celiac Disease since that annoying blond girl on The View discovered she had the illness and wrote a cook book.

There's this dude named Bob Moore that knew about the benefits of a whole grain, gluten free diet long before that. I like to read and I read lot of biographies, so I ordered his book last year when it was published and I have to admit, I admire the man. He perservered through a lot of failure yet with strong faith and a few "coincidences" he built the company that is now Bob's Red Mill. He recently essentially gave the business to his workers as well, an act of graciousness and trust that reflects the whole of his life.

Among a few of the local businesses that accommodate allergies is Anderson's Market in Madison Heights. You can buy Bobs Red Mill products there.

The pizza crust is the best I have had so far. I'm comparing it to frozen wheat-free pizzas. It's a little sticky, but if you buy rice flour as you're rolling out the dough, it actually makes a very fine (and fine looking, in my opinion) pie:

Of course, if you don't want to make your own pie, you can go to Monte Carlo's on Old Forest Road or Dominoes now serves a wheat free option, but they will be more expensive, and really, would they look anything like this?

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