Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Village Inn

The Basics:

You won't find a coffee maker or shampoo. They've give you towels, small bar soap, an ice bucket and 2 plastic cups. The ice is inside the office. There are 2 soda machines and news paper stands. I don't know anything about the channel offerings because they have free, fast wireless and I bring my lap top everywhere. I also didn't care about the other toiletries because I bring my own so who cares?


It's fairly clean. I lifted up the mattress and checked. Nothing suspicious or gross--no bugs. Clean floor, clean tub, well lit sink area. Not a lot of lighting otherwise but not a big deal. You get an extra blanket but again, I bring my own pillow and blanket so no big deal.

It's fairly cheap. The owners were gracious and provided a discount when I pointed out I paid more through a partnership site than they offered directly. The owner even came to my room to confirm this.

It was quiet and there's a big field out back. You can watch wildlife if you're so inclined.

It has a retro feel and it's a nice staycation for someone who wants to get a little peace, write, think, read, visit a small town.

There are quirky paintings on the wall. Mine was a mermaid.

They have smoking and non-smoking rooms.

The water pressure in the shower is fantastic. I wanted to have an affair with it.


There is no breakfast, just coffee.

The outlets have been poked and prodded past their prime. My phone charger kept falling out if you glanced sideways at it so I woke up to a dead phone.

I've driven by this place at least a dozen times on my way to Charlottesville and I've always wanted to stay. I felt like it would be a sweet, quaint little place and I was right. It's own by a precious little family and I felt safe. I also felt like--based on my own needs--I got a good deal. I wanted to have a local, quiet, effortless experience and that's what it was.

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