Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011: The Best of Screw Lucy (Giveaway)

The year started off the way any year should. We spent another birthday slicing into a gnocchi cake from M.A.D. crafted cakes along with a generous portion of cannoli. I can't tell you how close I came to keeping it all to myself. Our dear and faithful friends from The SCrew Crew came over to celebrate (and take my precious...)

(I think Erik is holding a rodent of some sort...)

We got down and dirty at Fort Hill Bowling Alley every Senior Day with Karen Lisle (not a senior) and the Screw Grandmother. Freddie Smith, veteran bowler and bread maker (literally and figuratively) assisted us during a few games, until Screw Grandmother got an injury and had to call it quits. She now enjoys providing heating pads for under privileged dogs.

It pleased The Screw to venture out into the areas of town that don't usually accommodate her geographically. I found my first reward off Timberlake where I discovered, not another buffet, but a restaurant offering a lovely selection of Vietnamese Pho:

(Otani has now become Pho Saigon)

What a welcome addition to the generic Chinese and Japanese restaurants in town for Asian cuisine. Now if I could just get past those waxy, rice paper, egg rolls...

I got my vintage on at several class acts including The Shops at Ashcroft and From Shabby to Chic. I'll be pleased when I'm small enough to fit into vintage clothing.

I lived vicariously through a few Black Water Rollers, and did not live vicariously through native Altavista residents as I started a new job, only thankful that they offered nearby comforts such as the Dairy Freeze and Altavista Vineyards (although I didn't visit the vineyard during working hours...I really wanted to though).

 (They aren't rose colored. They're Rosé colored.)

Then there was more cake as we celebrated Screw Grandmother's (a.k.a. Mamasan) 86th birthday with--you guessed it--more cake. And guess who we went to? It's on a triple points square and it starts with M and ends with D:

(Yes this is a cake.)

Then of course, there was the Underground Supper Club. I visited my first--a Mardi Gras theme. Meeting new people, eating marvelous food, drinking. What more is there in life, really?

I got a makeover with Danielle from my Mary Kay rep (and bowling partner) Karen Lisle, walked the trails of Blackwater Creek, and on tough days, met my girlfriend Kim at Mi Patron for margaritas. I made it through a quarter of the menu. And said,"It was good." Then I rested...

(I don't think I'll ever achieve more than an Ivory 5)

(Lilly, accustomed to the heating pad...and lots of treats)

(spinach enchiladas)

...and then came Barrett's birthday, which meant, of course, time for more M.A.D. Crafted Cake:

Spring turned into Summer and we were happy to move Danielle and Charlie into their farm in Big Island. I stopped at Mitchells to get chicken and spent time inside, supporting others who don't mind smelly animals, heat, and bugs. We introduced Melissa and Eric to Hickory Hill and enjoyed another Underground Supper Club where I got to be me and eat with my hands. Pure bliss.

(As you can see, I also visited Brushy Mountain.)

(Trying to act all classy 'n whatev.)

(I tried to belch a lot so people would leave and I would have more.)

I was so happy to see my Facebook friends David and Bonny at the Peaks of Otter Wine Festival. Then I had my birthday at Robin Alexander. And guess what we did.

(The answer is C. Ate More Cake)

I never knew I could love leftovers so much until I visited Jimmy on the James. We all said a sad goodbye to Bill's Pastry, and realized that yes, Perky's really is worth waiting over an hour for. Of course, I had connections who knew better and made reservations.

(That's totally a swan.)

Summer faded into fall--my favorite. I got intimate with Forest, Virginia as I frequented Pints 'O Plenty and Aylors, and prepared for the Festival season.

(Garlic Festival 2011)

During Christmas time I appeared at a lot of Christmas parties and attended Tab O'Neal's new gallery opening, then got a great peppermint drink from Clam Diggers along with raw oysters. I also got to know the girls from 309 Winery.

All in all, a good year. But I look forward to even more this year as I enter new shops and restaurants and meet people, good and bad, who will really, really like me, call me names, and honk their horn at me so they can yell at me about the sticker on my car.

And at the end of the day, I'll sit back and have a glass of locally produced milk...

...and eat some cake.

If you would like to win a dozen cannoli from M.A.D. Crafted Cakes, it's simple! To be eligible you must live in the Lynchburg area:

1. Leave a comment on this post.

2. "LIKE" M.A.D. Crafted Cakes on Facebook.

3. "LIKE" your favorite cake from M.A.D. Crafted. 

That's it! A winner will be chosen at random by 9 p.m. January 7th. Good luck!


  1. Soooo love MAD Crafted Cakes... I had never had cannoli before until I tried theirs. OMG was what I thought as the first bite touched my tongue!! I have no desire to ever try anyone elses, and I truly mean that!!!! Sylvia Wolford (HickChick Kennels)

  2. I’m so jealous. Where do you find the time and energy to do all this? Not only are you beautiful but you have a beautiful, positive energy. May all good things come to you in the New Year.

  3. Gosh, Joyce! That's so nice of you! I really...oh wait--you're talking about Michele aren't you? Oh well--who can disagree with that? ;)

  4. I am overwhelmed with jealousy. I love baking as well, but I can not even come close to what you do here. I love the cakes they are amazing. I have only been here in Lynchburg for a year, but I am constantly finding new businesses and places to eat. Thank you for your blog! Belinda

  5. Loved your year end review. You have done a fantastic job exposing all that this area has to offer. Can't wait to see what you will uncover this year. As far as the cakes go I cant wait for an occasion to order one. They look amazing.

  6. Like I said, The Rita CAke is the best and we may have to get one fior Phin's on the James which by the way folks can get tickets from me in just a few days for the big HOVPHC April fund Raiser. LOL Did I mention I live in the Burg???

  7. I never had one of the cakes but they look awesome can't wait to try one soon. Thanks for all the great info that you have passed on, it has made me think of supporting our local businesses more.

  8. She does amazing work. I've never had anything because of the kids food allergies but am dying to try anything they make, my mouth waters every time I see the pictures!!!

  9. Since I already love & adore Michele, I "LIKE" all her cakes! :) But.. my fav (of course) is by FAR the Harley one!!! <3 Altho 2011 was a little better year than 2010 for me, it still sucked. I do NOT want to be "locked away" at home this whole year because of a job I despise. And I'm bummed out that I wasn't able to do as much w/you this past year to even get a mention in your year end blog :( Hopefully 2012 will be BETTER! xo

  10. I enjoyed reading your blog :) and hearing/seeing what you've been up to. Never heard of M.A.D. but they look delicious and would LOVE to try them out sometime soon!!!

  11. You do get around Screw. Hope you have a happy, healthy and adventursome new year. Oh yeah, don't forgt to rock the vote in 2012

  12. I appreciate the time effort you take to show the people of central Virginia the finer places to eat, get great wine, shop and last and most amazing MAD crafted cakes. I already LOVE and "liked" their page and many cakes but I do believe " the nightmare before Christmas" one is my favorite.

  13. :D done. done. and done.


    the oyster pics btw.....guck! is the taste really worth the texture?