Friday, January 6, 2012

Go for the Gold

Through Sunday, January 8, you will have the opportunity to sell your gold and silver at Kirkley Hotel. National Redemption (who received a B rating by the Better Business Bureau's standards) is accepting the following:

1. Gold Class Rings

2. Gold Chains

3. Sterling Silver

4. Silver and Gold Coins

5. Cold Bullion (bars, ingots, etc)

OR...if you want to keep it local, here is a review my mother wrote (without my solicitation) on Facebook:

Went to Lynchburg Pawn Shop today to sell some gold. I cashed out and was heading home very happy with the transaction when my phone rang. It was Heather at the Pawn Shop who informed me that she had overlooked an ingot of gold and had not paid me for it. Please note: If she had not called me I would not have known I left it. I went back and she gave me cash ($525 more dollars!) for the ingot. Being that gold is not tracked a dishonest person could easily have slipped this in their pocket and walked away. Thank you, Heather and Sean at Lynchburg Pawn Shop! This is the second time I've done business with them...great people, wonderful business.

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