Thursday, January 5, 2012

Horns of Plenty

When I say,"I don't hunt" people usually respond,"Well, you eat meat don't you? How do you think it got on your plate?"

I don't change diapers either, but I'm definitely not against babies wearing them. The alternative would be...even more smell and totally unsanitary.

What I DO is support charities that help people. There is a local charity in need and they would be thankful for your donation. A donation that stems from a sport you may already enjoy.

Hunters for the Hungry is not supported by ANY states funds. They take deer donations, professionally butcher it, and supply the meat to local food banks and other ministries and organizations that feed the hungry. Funds are raised, but they also need meat.

The economy has affected their ability to supply meat and they are struggling to meet demands (or "meat" demands as the case may be).

Won't you reach out to family, friends, and church members to let them know about the need? If you know hunters who may not realize there is a program that does such a thing, just letting them know about it may prompt them to give--it may even be a service that will benefit them.

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