Monday, May 3, 2010

The Diary of an Angry Fat Woman May 3, 2010

I'm not your typical fat. I'm your tall fat. I'm your tall fat who used to be a tall skinny who thought she was a tall fat. Have you ever held up your pants from your early twenties and say out loud,"My god, how did I EVER fit into those things!?"

Tall. Fat. Old...sigh.

All joking aside, (not really) I don't identify with the women I see on t.v. I never have really. I am comfortable with my size, which happens to be a 14. I am 5'9 and I weigh 185 and I've never had a problem telling anyone about it. I've always been pretty, although I've had low self esteem the majority of my life. I've been through a number of boys--some men--who have insulted me regardless of how attractive OR thin I've been and in the last 5 years, and through God's grace, I've just developed of love for self. Myself. The magazine is ok too.

None-the-less (pun intended) I would like to lose weight. I am guessing that I have high cholesterol, I am not in shape, and (this is so completely shallow) I would like to be able to fit into any number of clothing and look good, which is kind of the real reason I want to lose weight.

So I am blogging about it.

What I've decided to do is talk about my eating highs and lows, my triumphs and failures. I am not on Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, or anything else that involved spending money. No pills. Just diet and exercise the former being a South Beachish kind of deal an the latter being any number of things from biking to Wii Fit.

Here's my plan:

Saturday and Sunday will be off days, meaning I will not "total" my count of carbs etc, but I will still remain mindful. I will also try to get out and DO something but not a regimen per say.

Monday-Friday I will attempt low fat, low carb eating habits and calculate them, while doing exercise daily that makes me sweat and my heart beat fast.

At the same time, I will attempt a calculation of cost. Oh yes. Watch me.

So, if you're ready,here is the run down on this week so far:

Sunday--Biked the Black Water Creek Trail 11 miles. Butt hurts, arms are feeling it.

Started off strong at Ronald Scruggs benefit by having curry chicken skewers, and what amounted to about 3 heaping table spoons of rice and pico do gallo.

Robin can be blamed for the half a chicken ranch wrap I had since she refused to finish it and attempted to donate it to the nearest Tommy Lee look-alike. You can't give stuff like that AWAY.

One beer. A Bud Lite. I still had money left and we were gonna be there a while.

A kielbasa.

Couldn't resist a generous portion of organic vanilla yogurt, walnuts, and honey. It was Sunday and it reminded me of Bible people. Erik said it was good for me and I chose to believe him.

Then the kids stressed me out and I had 3 tacos with sour cream. On the flip side it was so hot in the house that I think I sweated most of it out.


Because of the prior night of non-air conditioner induced, menopause-like heat flashed I went straight to bed when I returned home, so skipped breakfast.

Had coffee with 2 tbl of non-dairy creamer at Erik's with Splenda. Got to love Splenda. Sugar is 5 carbs a table spoon.

Settled on tuna with a table spoon of ranch, a hint of garlic, and a bowl of the discount soup I got at Kroger for a late lunch at 4 p.m.

Arrived at kid's house. Got on Wii Fit to discover I had lost 2 pounds since last time (more than a month ago). Made new goal--7 pounds in 2 weeks. Did aerobics, strength training and hula hooping until I was sweating and breathing hard.

Had a serving of sugar free gelatin.

Went to Amanda's house and made chicken wing inquiry.

Had chicken wings, saved the salad for tomorrow.



What I learned:

Having a plan before time is helpful. The soup was 22 grams of fat and carbs but I was hungry and didn't have much else as an option.

Being informed about what you're eating is KEY. I checked the hot wings for carb and fat information, assuming that a little bit of blue cheese wouldn't be that much over the top. WRONG. One 1.5 serving of blue cheese from Pizza Hut is 24 grams of fat. That's INSANE!

Breakfast is so hard for me on a low carb diet--no breads and you tire of eggs. Any suggestions?

The total cost of what I had today:



wings and salad=$12.50

Tomorrow's plan:

I know I have a salad. Should I check out Subway's breakfast? It's a good thing I have 4 faithful friends to help with the Ben and Jerry's "Which New Flavor is Best?" blog!


  1. My suggestion for breaking the fast is oatmeal. Although high in carbs, they're complex carbs. Combine that with a protein such as walnuts. Do a protein powder and skim milk shake with ice cubes. Delicious! EAS brand protein is the best......chocolate. Very filling! $20 for 2 pounds at target! -Kevin T

  2. OH you should try SHAMROCK is SOOOO good and high in protein for after those weight lifting sessions!

  3. Well, I'd like to start off by saying I admire you!! In my opinion, you are stunningly beautiful :) I will agree that you are bigger now, than in photos I've seen of you years ago, but not in a bad way!

    Very few people are happy with their bodies. They either want to lose weight or gain it. So, with that said.. I'll agree that everyone could benefit from eating healthy & exercising, and that you might be a little out of shape... but NOT "fat"!!

    To me, FAT... is obeseity. I have been struggling with it for almost 20 years now. I have tried over and over to "diet", eat right & healthy, and lose weight. It's TOUGH! I give up easily.

    I've done Weight Watchers, and it really does work.. but you HAVE to stick to it. I did for almost a year, and lost over 40lbs... but when I stopped paying attention and using the tools I learned, I gained it all back.. PLUS some!

    "EATING HEALTHY" is EXPENSIVE... and time consuming!! There's no way around that if it's something you are serious about, and stick to it. It's gonna cost you. Even if you don't pay for a program to help you... good, healthy food is expensive! Eating less and skipping meals is NOT healthy.

    You asked about breakfast... yogurt & fruit is delicious! My favorite is vanilla low fat yogurt w/green grapes & granola sprinkled on top :) Or... cottage cheese w/mandrin orange slices or peaches.

    And in my defense about the Chicken & Bacon Southwestern Wrap w/Pico de gallo & sour cream we were eating on Sunday... the "Tommy Lee look-a-like" was a friend who bought me like 4 drinks!! I thought it was a nice gesture to offer him half my sandwich since he was obviously soooo drunk, he could have used it! LOL

    Love you, dear friend!! xoxoxo

  4. Now I get your comment on the Strawberry Trifle. I think you look gorgeous!