Monday, May 10, 2010

Diary of an Angry Fat Woman May 8th

Saturday started off strong with a 9:00 breakfast. I'm confident that I made the best scrambled eggs I've ever made and some extra crispy side of bacon (in the past, I've written sex blogs about crispy bacon...although it's more than likely not anything like you're thinking...).

It was yard sale day, so I enjoyed a Diet Coke while selling various wares. Have you noticed that the first things you sell are the things you thought would NEVER sell?

After the sale I had a late lunch at Domino's. Thinking I was doing a good, low carb thing, I ordered their chicken kickers. While the kickers taste great, they are NOT low in carbs because they are breaded. Just FYI.

Later on I was elated to go to Aylors, a local Farm and Garden shop.

I've always liked Aylors, because they carry local goat cheese from Night Sky Farm, hot dogs from Moores Famous Hot Dogs, and other random local wares and fresh baked delights.

This time I was floored to learn they carry Vosges chocolate--my FAVORITE chocolate of all time. I about had a cow or, sticking with the theme, a goat or hot dog related animal.

I bought both flavors (Goji Bar and Black Pearl Bar) then continued to buy mom a Mother's Day gift package which I, of course, made myself.

I decided on a yellow garden theme. I bought a bright yellow watering pot, a couple packets of yellow flower seeds, a specialty bag of potato and apple chips and lemon soda. I found the PERFECT card with a picture on it that looked just like my dog. They have great cards.

I bought a loaf of fresh made bread from our local market too. It was "sun" dried tomato bread (get it? the sun is yellow...).

Unfortunately I could not leave without having a Moore's hot dog which I did have on the bun with the works. This chili is so hot it burns your lips.

Later on we drove an hour away to Erik's parent's house. I had a few squares of chocolate there. It's not so bad you know. Only 15 grams of carbs which isn't horrible.

For exercise I figured I had been up all day working the yard sale and hauling stuff away.

What I do know is that I am exhausted...


  1. Lol Seems like you ate all day! lol @ "sun" dried tomato bread....get it?? lol and Moore's hot dog's are on deck!! The chilli is hot, but it taste good and its worth the drive! And do you ever go yard sale shopping?? Cuz if so, we gotta go when I get home!

  2. those chocolate bars were well worth the price

  3. @Christa-yes girl I do like to yard sale shop for sure and I do try to eat all day because believe it or not, it's good for metabolism and weight loss!