Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Diary of an Angry Fat Woman May 9th

Mother's Day. Cheers to celebrating another year of being childless. I'm serious about that--I don't want them right now. I'm content to admire other people's kids. For now I only have the stretch marks induced by a rushed puberty and gaining weight.

Which is the introduction into this blog. Good for me.

Mother's Day started off great although I think I was still asleep while at the breakfast table. Erik's dad made breakfast for everyone (Erik has a family I will be happy to marry into) which included eggs with vegetables mixed in and bacon. I was good--I passed on the homemade raspberry jam and biscuits.

I wasn't TOO worried about lunch which would be grilled on the BBQ. I don't know about anyone else, but those little red weenies are the best (as long as you don't tell me what's in them). I have a cheeseburger with onion and lettuce on a grilled mushroom bun. As long as you like mushrooms, it's a great sub!

(Thanks to Goodhousekeeping.com for the image)

I also had the hot dogs without a bun dipped in sour cream and chopped onions (SOUNDS gross but actually pretty darn awesome).

For exercise, Erik and I walked down one of the up-and-down roads in Gretna. My shins are still hurting. Because of the exercise I didn't mind treating myself to strawberry shortcake and I found out that Cool Whip Sugar Free only has 1 carb per 2 tablespoons! That's going to be great with my Mock Cheesecake recipe!

I don't recommend this, but when I got home I couldn't resist weighing myself.

I've lost 9 pounds. I'm at 175.


  1. congrats on the weight.
    the best red hot dogs are jesse jones (for the next time you go to the store)

    the raspberry jam was amazing


  3. I was totally trying to remember the name of that hot dog!