Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Diary of an Angry Fat Woman May 4, 2010

So this morning, it was still early enough to grab Subway and if you know me, you know I had a coupon. I decided to try the breakfast.

For some reason, I had a hard time finding the appropriate carb count on one of those black forest ham english muffins they carry the night before. Regardless, I bought one with a coupon for free coffee.

I asked for a wheat muffin with white egg (there are two choices, pre-cooked white egg and pre-cooked yellow egg), pepper jack cheese, and that's it.

Honestly, it wasn't all that good, and I picked up 40 carbs (I gave half the top bun to Lilly).

However I will say, the coffee is MUCH better at Subway than it is at McDonalds. Their coffee of choice is Seattle's Best, the same coffee served at select Kroger stores (we JUST got one here--the FIRST in Kroger's mid-Atlantic region!) and I was very pleasantly surprise at it's robust flavor. I will NEVER do McDonald's hot coffee again!

By 11 p.m. I was proud of myself for eating half of the salad I had ordered from Pizza Hut the night before--and I ate it with NO dressing!

Lilly (my rat terrier) and I then took a mile walk on our local trail. We went off the path a bit to sit by the creek. That's probably where she picked up her tick. I saw a man with two canes walking and thought to myself,"If HE can do it..."

By 4 p.m. I knew I was hungry but a planned dinner with friends was near. I wrapped turkey in a square of cheddar cheese for a low carb snack before heading to my friend's house at 6.

I also picked up 6 pints of Ben and Jerry's ice cream for our 2010 flavor test...

Having steak was a GREAT opportunity to try Lawry's Mesquite marinade with Lime Juice that I picked up at Kroger for $0.50 last week. We also brought along a great Hawaiin rub from McCormicks we got for free at Kroger last week. The two together were impressive. I have to say, Lawry's lime rub is something I would buy again--it had just the right amount of limey tang.

During the Ben and Jerry's taste test I had about a table spoon each of each flavor. Each cup had an average of 14 grams of fat and around 45 carbs. But if you read my review and could understand how tasty the Boston Cream Pie is, you would be proud of my restraint.

The real problem (to me) was that I had too many of my friend Robin's mashed potatoes. I had two helpings and then, when I got home, had another plate. Mashed potatoes are one of my favorite foods and needless to say, hers are so good.

So all in all, I did pretty well during the first half of the day. I know I had too many fat grams and carbs to keep track. All in all my meal cost was as follows:

$9.75--ice cream



Because I think you should go try an item off Subway's breakfast menu for yourself (not to mention the coffee) you can win a nifty $5 gift card by entering my giveaway.

Just leave a comment on this post telling me which breakfast sandwich you'd like to try and what you would get on it.

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This giveaway will end May 14th, 2010 at 2 p.m. Good luck!

No one pays me, compensates me, gives me advice, or acknowledges my existance for these reviews.

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  1. I like your choice.. I'd also pick a wheat muffin... either egg is fine w/me, I LOVE pepper jack cheese, so yes!!! And.. I'd like some hot sauce on it, too :)