Friday, May 7, 2010

The Diary of an Angry Fat Woman May 5&6

I would personally like to thank the Mexicans for making it possible to keep up the weight loss on a low carb diet.

I feel that part of dieting is knowing yourself and knowing your limits. There is no way I would forgo Mexican food on Cinco de Mayo particularly. I knew this and made preparations the entire by eating well.

Tuna with a teaspoon of ranch, a hint of garlic, and cheese is really a quick and cheap make when you're trying to eat low fat low carb. That's what I had prior a May 5th dinner, along with another good save, turkey wrapped in cheddar cheese.

Diet soda is horrible for you, but it give you that caffeine and sugarish feel when you're feeling hungry and (if you're a former smoker) want a cigarette.

My fat was waiting for me at La Carreta Wednesday night but I have to say I was pretty good with my carb intake.

I ordered the pollo loco which is chicken with cheese (don't eat the rice and beans) a side order of lettuce and guacamole, and I always order a side of grilled mushrooms as well. The temptation for a low carber here is the chips, of which I had maybe 15 with salsa (also high in carbs). It was delicious although I have to say I don't the sexual harassment I have to endure in order to eat there (is this a problem in the majority of Mexican restaurants or is this family of Hispanics just inappropriate as hell?)

To make myself even prouder, when I got home with the kids I got on the Wii fit and did aerobics. Seriously, the hula hooping is no joke. I discovered I have lost another 2 pounds!

Thursday I had Mexican again for lunch (minus the mushrooms) without any chips.

Exercise came in the form of roller blading later that evening. I had found my old roller blades in the shed while preparing for my yard sale this weekend. I haven't roller bladed in probably 8 years.

Here's a clue: it's not like riding a bike...which consequently for me isn't like "riding a bike" either because I had to relearn a few years ago.

Roller blading is an awesome way to exercise and my friend Rebecca would agree since she is on our local Roller Derby team. However, I would recommend you actually know how first so you don't tumble out of the car in the midst of a group of twenty-something college students at your local bike trail or fall on your butt like I did yesterday.

I think it's a well known fact that the two most popular non-OFFICIAL ways to exercise are joining a Roller Derby team or being on Dancing With the Stars. I've known chics from both who have lost a ton of weight. After yesterday I'm seeking fame just so I have an excuse not to roller blade! Kidding...kidding...

We went to Pizza Hut (I have connections) and I had two salads and an order of hot wings with minimal ranch.

Later on Erik and I watched a movie while I did "scissors" (lay on your back, put your legs in the air and bring them together and back--it hurts.)

I had a mess up when I was still a bit hungry at home--I had a few chips from the lunch I had earlier and a bit of rice. It's not great, but it could have been worse!

Listen, I may not be the most incredible dieter ever but I am making steps and I am proud of myself.

Always feel free to comment about how you're own journey is going. My blog is a place you can be yourself and be honest without judgment!

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