Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Journey Through Lynchburg Through Pizza

I am offering a little history of my pizza knowledge through my experience in Lynchburg. I'll begin by asking a question--what is the first "pizza parlor" you remember in town?

I have a few memories of pizza places that are no longer with us.

I think that my first memories were of Pizza Hut on Memorial Avenue. I remember when they had a video came with one of those ball controllers. I also remember the toys from Land Before Time and The Rocketeer.

I also remember when Little Caesar's Pizza was off of Memorial Avenue where Food Land and Kathryn's Avon is located. They had the old arcade games Joust and Tron. We would pick up pizzas for youth group and children's church back when teenagers seemed so old to a seven-year-old SCrew.

 (the colors in Tron were mesmerizing)

Then of course we had Showbiz, which, near the end of it's legacy, unveiled headless, animetronic robots which were hilarious to older children and horrifying to the little ones.

(my brother and I at my seventh birthday party)

Later on, one of my first jobs was at Planet Pizza off 221 in Bedford County and at Salvatore's on Timberlake Road which eventually turned into several other restaurants of varying success. I can tell you Sal was one mean sonofabitch, who started--if I'm not mistaken--off of Memorial Avenue in what is now a Class Vogue 'N Studio. During my brief stint at a Bible College (concentration camp) in Christiansburg, I used to drive the two hours home after works some nights just for the familiarity of home and the garlicky calzones.

(back when I was a Tommy Girl)

Now I'll tell you a few things about Domino's:

1. The Domino's on 221 is stellar. As far as chains are concerned, Domino's is probably your best option for fast delivery, good customer service, quality product, and cleanliness. The best store besides 221 is the relatively new one in Downtown Lynchburg.

2. The two guys that run most of the stores are alpha males and at least one of them is a huge dick.

3. Rich people who live in Forest are some of the worst tippers ever.

4. No one wants to deliver to VES for a variety of reasons I don't feel that I need to explain.

5. Senator Steve Newman is a good tipper. He tried to hire me to work for him while I was still in High School. Wasn't that super nice of him?

It's interesting that I have such visceral feelings about local pizza establishments. All you have to do is read my polarized Yelp reviews and you'll determine that pizza affects me very deeply. 

I would also like to add that visiting Memorial Avenue Pizza Hut is more than likely an experience you'll never forget. If any past employees or current employees would like to share stories about 101 ways you can save a pizza or any number of the extremely ghetto customers who have passed in and our of your doors, please do. 


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