Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wednesday Nights: Abraham Launches a Journey Through the Bible

The last few months at The Lighthouse, we've been using seven men as an overview to the Old and New Testament.

When we started with Abraham, I was convinced it would only be an overview for me (since I often win at Bible trivia...against people who have little to no Bible training) but I was mistaken. I have learned a number of important facts, insights, and lessons while attending Bible study. It is refreshing to attend a church where you learn.

Here is an overview of what The SCrew learned and observed. If you're careful, you may find a significant point. Then, if you dare, you can challenge me to a game of Bible trivia.

Don't ever challenge the pastor to a game of Bible Trivia. It's not a good idea.

1. A third of Genesis is about Abraham.

2. Abraham is the first recorded tither. (Gen 14:20)

3. The "word of the Lord" first came to Abraham.

4. The first recorded healing was performed through Abraham.

5.  Abraham's covenant preceded the Law. (Gen 17:10)

6. Isaac was born 25 years after the promise of his birth.

7. The Angel of the Lord first appeared to Hagar.

8. God first refers to Himself as "El Shadai" to Abraham.

9. Abraham was likely a moon worshiper before he heard from the Lord. (Josh 24:1-3)

10. Noah was still alive when Abraham was on the earth.

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  1. Landon says: I preach on Abraham a lot. He is the father of faith. He went out not knowing where he was going. Would God ever require that of us? He laid Isaac on the altar. We must do the same with what God blesses us with and the promise over our lives.
    (Gal 3:29 [KJV])
    And if ye be Christ's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise.