Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Top Ten Reasons to Stay at the Craddock Terry

As far as I can determine from personal experience, The Craddock Terry is the best place to stay when visiting Lynchburg. I searched and searched for reasons not to like it, but by golly, I couldn't find any.

(this is me trying to find reasons in a lamp post)

On this particular evening, we would enjoy a night with our friends (K-Dub included) at Waterstone Pizza, which is connected by elevator to the hotel. Waterstone serves it's own craft beer and artisan pizzas so, if you aren't served by bitchy, unpleasant waitstaff like we were, it's a likable atmosphere.

1. Their staff is attractive, friendly, and knowledgeable. 

2. You get a free shoe cookie.

3. The beds are the most comfortable I've ever slobber on.

4. There is a unique shoe adornment on every door.

5. If you leave the shoe box outside your door, you get breakfast that includes a delicious croissant.

(I don't eat brie. Gross)

6. If you leave your shoes outside the door, they shine your shoes.

7. The gift shop is open 24 hours and you can buy local wine. And aspirin.

8. The shower. The. Shower.

9. The bathroom tissue is tied with red ribbon.

10. They call you when you leave your leather jacket there and then offer to ship it.

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