Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hurt Series: Pieces of the Paradox

At times, you'll discover establishments that are unfortunately positioned. For instance, upon visiting Downtown Lynchburg, you'll note that the ABC store is located directly across from a drug rehabilitation center. Other venues may simply be coincidental or even advantageous, such as a BBQ restaurant next door to a Synagogue or a Weight Watchers next door to a buffet.

In Hurt, Virginia, you'll find a church called "Let Go of the Pain" Ministries. This is a picture of me, letting go of the pain and/or just being a pain in general:

Here is a letter from the pastors that I obtained from their website:

Let Go Of The Pain Ministry is ordained by God to deliver those who have struggled with pain that life has afflicted upon us from death, self-hurt, relationships, church, rape, and being molested from those that we love and those we don’t know. We even blame God from time to time for things that have happen to us. But God has a plan and the devil is defeated because he has taught us that there is an answer to our hurt and pain, and we as a people do not have to carry such a weight around anymore.

       Through experience with such pains we as a church family have been chosen by God to reach out to the people of this land to assure them that they can be free of the devil’s plots and tactics.
       We invite you to come visit our ministry each Sunday and Monday, and give God praise for what he has and will do in your lives as he has done in ours. Let Go of the Pain.

Thank you and God bless you,
Pastors Apostle Robin and Bishop Donnie Cook
Let Go Of The Pain Church Family

I took it upon myself to highlight the portions I felt were most important.

I don't know much about this ministry but what I do know is that they are located next door to a place called PCES. What I know about PCES is the following:

1. PCES is not missing the first portion of their business lettering. 

2. The owner did not misspell "Pisces." 

3. The name is pronounced "pieces" and the owner hails from New York.

4. The name reflects upon any of number of numerous "pieces" you can purchase so you will not match anyone else at the club. There is no club in Hurt that doesn't involve special, homemade uniforms, if you know what I mean.

5. They have crazy shoes and shiny pants, but no wigs. 

The reason I know all this is because I went in and talked to the owner who was reserved at first, but then delighted in divulging a few nuggets of wisdom:

2. We must go to other sources for our history--not just the Bible.

3. Kemet is an ancient Egyptian religion that people are apparently still practicing.

("incontrovertible" means "undeniable")

4. Healers in Africa have been known to stave the effects of A.I.D.S. and healings have been recorded. 

5. HAARP: because winter wonderlands are the new global battle zones.

What you really need to know, is that they have meetings at this place and I totally plan on going. I hear there's a film night playing a documentary called Contradiction which actually seems intriguing:

According to IMDB, Contradiction addresses the paradox of churches in African American communities coupled with the abundance of societal ailments and explores if there is a correlation between high praise and low productivity. 

So my question is, do the pastors and members of "Let Go of the Pain Ministries" know that there is a convert ripe and ready next door?

 Where you saw a parking lot with a Japanese/Italian restaurant in a dilapidated, old strip mall, The SCrew saw an opportunity to bring two worlds together. Is it possible or desirable to visit the Kemet buffet and drop our spiritual weight off in the sanctuary next door?

The SCrew will find out. 

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