Friday, January 3, 2014

Emily Kathryn Boutique (Altavista)

I read the article about a new boutique in Altavista and my first thought was,"There won't have anything there for people over a size 10."

And that may actually be the truth but I'm not complaining any longer since losing weight because I actually am a size 10 and it no longer bothers me. I can scoff at the size 12's until I eat a cheeseburger and my hips start rising over my jeans like a proverbial muffin.

Meanwhile, this shop is a little on the cute, conservative side for me in attitude but hey--that's ok. The SCrew can adjust.

Especially when a boutique in Lynchburg would offer the same items for at least twice the price. No offense, oh dear hometown, but Altavista--although reeking of rotten fruit at least several times a month--has far superior prices.

Watch this video and feel the ambiance.

Extremely not me at the core, but I liked the clothes--and did I mention they're shockingly affordable? Here are several items that caught my eye:

1. Owl rings and other accessories (under $10)

2. A  Grecian goddess inspired backless dress (under $30)

3. A plaid and black lace shirt (which confused my senses)

4. Bauble necklaces ($20)

5. A clearance rack full of shirts, one of which I purchased, less than $20.

Might I add the dresses fit--IN A MEDIUM--but there is no way a woman of my bust size can get away with a backless dress unless support it built in to the dress. Those "cup holder" things only really work for women who are a size C or less. 

Here is another sentimental video that I would never dream of requesting in a million years but is appealing to normal, precious people who don't find the following engagement photos amusing. 

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