Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hurt Series: Yazamatos

I like Asian food, but it's not something I typically crave. This particular Saturday afternoon however, my SCrew Crew cohort K-Dub advised me that she would prefer some Japanese food.

Per my diet, I didn't indulge in any yum-yum sauce nor steak or shrimp with rice, but I did order edamame (excellent for dieters since, like fresh artichokes, you spend so much time peeling the pods that you burn calories as you enjoy) and spring rolls. K-Dub invested her time in having a few vegetables and rice with her yum-yum sauce.

It doesn't take a genius to realize this used to be an Italian restaurant.

However, I did feel that the landscape was sort of reminiscent of the locality. Farms and hay and such.

 The important thing to note is that this establishment has been popular with locals for at least a few years and that it was in this very restaurant that SCrew Lucy tried her very first Sriracha

It's not that hot and goes great with spring rolls and rustic scenery.

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