Wednesday, January 1, 2014

SCrew Year Resolutions

I can hardly wait to tell you what I plan to do in the new year with every good intention, then fail miserably at half way through January!

Here goes, as you journey with me through the SCrew Year!

1. I resolve to drink my coffee black without sugar or cream.

The best way not to keep this resolution is to order any dark roast at Starbucks. Bitter, bitter, bitter. However, the most likely way to stick to this resolution is to order the French Toast roast at Joe Beans (you can actually taste the French Toast) or the regular coffee at Main Street Cafe in Altavista and then cheat once in a while by adding cream.


( per January 16th) I have cheated once in a while by adding cream. I haven't added sugar and it didn't take long for me to get used to the idea although drinking coffee at the above mentioned establishments is much better than home.

2. I resolve to write more. Specifically, at least 15 blogs, in total, a month.


(per January 16th) So far I have written seven if you don't count this one.

3. I resolve to stop smoking.


(per January 16th) So far, so good. It's not the cancer or emphasize I mind so much. It's the wrinkles. Although, I wouldn't mind a husky voice...

4. I resolve to travel Virginia more.


(per January 16th) Note to self: resolve to get a second job as well because you haven't been able to travel yet.

5. I resolve to maintain my weight goals.


(per January 16th) The size I had only hoped to maintain falling off of me at The Craddock Terry. This will encourage more blogging about things like hiking, sports, and other rigorous activity.

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